1. To become a reference in the treatment of pain at the national and international level.
  2. Promote, with the Ministry of Health the creation of the Pain Treatment Training Area, comparable with those existing in other countries.
  3. Simultaneously promote what is necessary to make Pain Medicine a Medical Specialty.
  4. Promote that Pain Units have a functional budgetary and administrative autonomy, within the clinical service in which it is integrated.
  5. Promote multidisciplinary treatments as an essential part of the Pain Treatment care processes.
  6. Creation and implementation of a University Teaching Campus that integrates pain training aimed at all residents of the involved specialties, so that they obtain a sufficient degree of competence.
  7. Work for all partners, as a fundamental piece and get their participation, through the Working Groups, the Autonomous Societies and Social Networks.
  8. Establishment and Implementation of a Coordination Plan between the Pain Unit and Primary Care System.
  9. Promote our Scientific Journal to consolidate and improve its impact.
  10. Position our Web site, as an international reference site in Spanish language.
  11. Make the SEMDOR Congress as the best scientific event for Pain in Spanish language, promoting digitization and the use of new technologies.

The SEMDOR is beginning to be a great Scientific Society; we have many ideas to achieve our objectives. SEMDOR is a dynamic, participative, scientific and international Pain Society. We want to be in the IASP Society as an active, participative member. We share your goals and interests to put Pain Treatment in the place it deserves.